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Northwest Survival School reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any person at any time

Gift Certificates are available for all classes and all seasons

Northwest Survival School Courses
We offer a wide range of courses to suit a variety of budgets and skill sets
Our most popular courses can be registered online. For custom classes and courses please email us using the contact us form.

Prices for each of the classes can change according to season and conditions.

The Class Syllabus- (Syllabus is adjusted to Environmental Conditions when necessary)

Preparation for outings
Core Temperature
The important factors of staying Hydrated
Other External Factors to Control Core Temperature
Equipment needed for survival
Emergency Survival Kits
Survival Skills
Fire Basics and primitive methods
Collecting Water and Portability
Treating Ground Source Water
Wilderness First Aid
Concurring your fears
You wil learn Adaptability skills
Using other senses to navigate and find your way
Shelter Construction
Natural Shelter (What to look for in a ready made natural shelter)
Flora (spring, summer and fall only)
Intro of Edibles (research and testing items)
Tracking (How to track the right way)
Trapping (Trapping like a mountain man)
Simple food sources (Food sources you never thought of)
Improvised Hunting and Gathering Tools (utilizing natures resources)
Navigation (Using Primitive methods and Present day items)
Map and Compass techniques
Improvised Compass Technique
Tracking by way of sign

Natural Indicators in all environments
Whistles (proper use and the product choice)
Signal Mirrors and Signal fire techniques
Navigation by night (with or without a sky view)
Signaling with Lights (what to use and how to use them)
Types of signals
Traveling (By day or by night and what to listen for and feel for)

    Survival Equipment/Items listed below noted with a (*) is survival gear included in the 5+ day Advanced or 5+ day custom courses only see list of equipment below:

    • Survival gear(all Classes)
    • *x1 Trekking Back pack
    • *x1 Fixed Blade Knife $75.00 Value
    • *x1 A custom Survival kit
    • *Clothing
    • *Course Materials
    • *x1 NWSS packet of survival information
    • x1 Student portal login on website (All Classes)
    • unlimited support via email or phone to ask questions (All Classes)
    • Certification of Completion (All Classes

    Pick a course you would like to enroll in and pay via credit card, paypal, Phone, email. or if you have questions about the prices, times, dates,
    or general information please Email us

    We offer classes that require special set-up and are based on per student instruction


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    Gear Rental
    Gear Rentals for Classes: We rent you all the tools you need so you don't have to fork out a lot of money on gear before the classes! We only use The best in Outdoor gear all Tools rent for $5.00 per day while you take the class!
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    The 2-day Advanced Intensive Shelter class (april to sept)
    The 2-day advanced intensive shelter class (April to Sept) . Using Natural and Man made materials in the wilderness learn to make all types of shelters for the environment learn the proper ways to stay warm and build your shelters to keep you dry and warm in all types of weather conditions
    June 17, 2018
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