32pc. Emergencey Survival Bottle Kit Pricing
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32pc. Emergencey Survival Bottle Kit $58.79 (Each)

32pc. Emergencey Survival Bottle Kit
32pc. Emergencey Survival Bottle Kit There are a lot of survival kits on the market and they are mixed with every variety of survival gear; some are useful and some are useless.

This Essential Wilderness Kit is our spin on the survival kit based on our most popular outdoor products and our customers' comments.

We have included some crucial quality items such as a durable 14 function multi utility tool. Other key items include: Aquamira water purification tablet, Gear Aid Field Repair Kit, Kevlar Survival Cord, survival whistle, cable ties, hand warmer & more.

Great for camping, hiking, boating, & adventures.Leave one in the car, boat, trailer, or anywhere emergencies might happen!


(1) 32oz BPA Free Plastic Sport Bottle (Red, Blue, or Grey)

(1) 5-in-1 Survival Whistle: Whistle, Mirror, Storage Compartment (matches), Compass, Flint Rod

(1) 14-in-1 Multi-Utility Tool: Long Nose Pliers, Wire Stripper, Cutter, Can Opener, Phillips Screwdriver, Fish Scaler, Hook Dislonger, Ruler, File, 2 Knives, 3 Flat Screwdrivers.

(1) 4 LED Super Bright Headlamp Headlight

(1)25' Kevlar Survival Cord Rope has a Breaking Strength of 200 lbs! Constructed from 3 Strands, this Cord Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures and is flame resistant. It can be used for snares, traps, bows, and can even cut through plastic flex ties.

Gear Aid Field Repair Kit: Seamgrip Adhesive Sealant & Tenacious Tape Ultra Strong Repair Patches. Fix Rips and Holes!

(1) Aquamira Water Purification Tablet. Each Tablet Will Purify 1 liter (the size of the bottle)

(4) InstaCloth Washcloth Towelette Tablets. Just Add Water!

Outgo Smart Suds Biodegradable Camp Soap by McNett

Heavy Duty Safety Pins to Secure and Repair Broken Gear.

Emergency Mylar Space Blanket 84" x 52"

(2) Instant Hand Warmer Packets

(12) 12" Cable Zip Ties 40 lb Strength
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32pc. Emergencey Survival Bottle Kit $59.99


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