Deluxe "Hand Carved" Bow Drill Set Pricing
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Deluxe "Hand Carved" Bow Drill Set $77.59 (Each)

Deluxe "Hand Carved" Bow Drill Set
 Deluxe Deluxe "Hand Carved" Bow Drill Set
For demonstrations on fire making or your own personal unit, our Bow Drill Set is a complete, hand-made "Ready-to-Go" Bow Drill Set guaranteed to make fire because its "pre-tested". These high quality, durable sets are most popular with individuals purchasing a set for themselves or for presenters who plan to give demonstrations

The fastest way for you to learn this ancient Fire Making technique- NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

The Deluxe Set is complete, pre-tested and includes:

23" Oak Bow (Hand Carved and Hand Rubbed finish )
6 ft genuine "7 strand" 550 Parachute Cord (for Bow string)
Oak hand-hold
2 spindles (1 pre-carved and burned in, plus an extra one for you to carve)
Fireboard (carved & first hole already burned in, notched, and tested to make a coal)
Tinder (pre-shredded )
Jute cord (to make more tinder)
Bees wax lubricant
Sample of "correct color" of the wood dust you want to have
Full Instructions
"Fire Ready" right out of the box
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Deluxe "Hand Carved" Bow Drill Set $79.99


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*****  Love it Works everytime   - Jim C (Lake Tahoe CA.)
A very good product hand crafted by the professional experts at NW Survival School

*****  A great piece   - Tony (Flagstaff AZ)
Love the way it works these guys know their bows! Highly recommend it

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